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Yes. TempWatch can monitor the temperature of a maximum of 3 persons, in which case you simply use 3 pads and set the relay station accordingly.

The relay station charges via a MicroUSB port. The pad is disposable and does not need to be recharged. It can last for 24 hours after opened.

Having researched similar products in the market, we came to the conclusion that disposable is the only way to ensure optimal cleanliness of every monitor pad attached to babies. Besides, even in the case of TempWatch, which is designed to optimise comfort for infants, prolonged use can cause itchiness or discomfort to babies’ delicate skin. A disposable design serves to reminder parents not to use the same pad on their baby for too long.


After the kickstarter campaign, we will sell the pad via our partners and also via this Algoflame’s official website.  


TempWatch can display temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. You can set your preference in the setting.

Our sensor has an accuracy discrepancy of 0.05℃

(the relay station and the mobile app only display one decimal place).

Mobile phones using the iOS and Android operating systems support TempWatch.


Nonetheless, the app features many easy-to-understand images, so that users with no knowledge of the English language will still know how to use the device.

Core body temperature is the indicator for determining whether a person has fever or not. Nonetheless, temperatures taken from different parts of the body have to be adjusted accordingly in order to derive the core body temperature.

TempWatch’s in-built, patented calculation system can automatically do just that.

Yes. It is IPX6-rated.

In the same way as baby bottles are cleaned.

Cordless Heater can be washed with detergent and sterilised with hot water. When the rod is stored in the box, the in-built UVC LED light of the box will automatically carry out disinfection again.

Cordless Heater is waterproof, but because it is an electrical appliance, we strongly recommend that users wash it manually.

When fully charged, Cordless Heater can heat up baby milk twice or thrice.

Cordless Heater can ONLY use Algoflame’s batteries specially designed to ensure safety and fast heating of different beverages.


Algoflame retails Cordless Heater batteries at US$10 each (excluding shipping cost).

Cordless Heater can display temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit? You can set your preference in the setting.

In general, Cordless Heater can heat up beverages FASTER than most milk warmers available in the market.

In addition, it can do the heating up to a given degree ACCURATELY. Most importantly, it is designed for OUTDOOR USE!

For example, it takes 7 minutes to heat up 100ml of water from 20℃ to 70℃, which is the right temperature for making baby milk; and it takes 6 minutes to heat up 120ml of cold breast milk (5℃) to 40℃, which is the optimal temperature for drinking.