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Intelligent Patch
For Mothers-To-Be
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During pregnancy, a mother-to-be’s uterine contractions and foetal heart rate should be monitored to prevent premature birth. Most pregnant women, however, have to rely on their doctors to get an update on these important indicators.

They only get to have their uterine contractions and foetal heart rate checked when they visit clinics for pre-natal checkups.


To help mothers-to-be minimise the risk of premature childbirth, Algoflame’s experts have developed the Intelligent Patch for Mothers-to-Be.


Handy and easy to use, the gadget enables pregnant women to monitor their uterine contractions and foetal heart rate by themselves, saving them the time to travel to clinics.

Using Doppler ultrasound technology, the patch is attached to the abdomen area of the user and can monitor her uterine contractions on its own without the user stopping her activities to do the checkup. It can be used anytime and anywhere, thus helping to minimise the possibility of premature childbirth.


Positive force measurement of urinary construction

■ Doppler ultrasound patch

■ Discontinuous Measurement Technology

■ Usable anytime, anywhere



Lab tests involving the use of a sizeable monitoring machine (GE-Corometrics 170) at Taiwan National Cheng Kung University Hospital indicate a 100% accuracy rate regarding the patch’s ability to monitor uterine contractions and foetal heart rate.